Burning Water

You may see a messy abstract scribble, but what I see is a expression of chaos in the mind of an artistic visionary.

My beloved father's life work, was creating fine jewelry in what he termed "Burning Water." He once best described it to me as the squiggly lines of energy seen when squinting at the sun as it sets into the water. Sunset on water. While we know the sun doesn't actually touch the water, the imaginary meeting of these two opposing world forces, is the ultimate expression of energy in our world. Many times, like abstract artwork, you can see something in the design. It's yours alone. These designs are the gifts that keep giving; they continue to reveal depths as the wearer studies them. 

This collection is created from waxes and molds left behind by my father. I cast them and hand make them into new incarnations of the most intimate form of art: jewelry. Totems for life. 

Burning Water was the official trademark of Rock Hard Designs 1974-2015. Original copyright remains.