Hi, I’m Mariel Diaz.

Welcome to The Heart Department. It's my Art Department, full of Heart.

Inside you’ll find jewelry that is a blend of heart and logic, intuition and analytical thinking, purity and getting down and dirty with life. 

I’m a veteran of the jewelry industry that knows quality metals and gemstones and brings them to you with beautifully written affirmations. I am considerate of the natural characteristics of gemstones to heal and the power of our minds to set that healing in motion. This is thoughtful and purposeful nature-inspired luxury.

Jewelry isn’t meant just for decoration!

While growing up in my father's jewelry store, I saw within myself and our customers the sentimental connection jewelry brings, but I never thought jewelry was much more than a material item. Something we can’t take with us. Something we shouldn’t get attached to.

It wasn’t until I understood the power of thought that I understood the power of jewelry. As a professionally trained gemologist, jeweler, stone-carver, writer, energy-healer and accountant, everything in my life has brought me to this point. Jewelry ignites so much enthusiasm within me for its detail, construction, and the amazing natural gemstones our earth provides.

Every time I put on jewelry, every time I take it off and every time I see it in my reflection or on my hand or play with my necklace, I think of where I got it, who gave it to me, why, and when. I relive that moment fully, in an instant, in seconds.

With our minds, we can visualize anything. The more we visualize it, the more energy we give to it and the more we attract it into our lives.

With that, I want us to take the sentimental attachment to jewelry and make it into something that can help improve our lives!

So, I write uplifting stories of imagery, like detailed affirmations, that explain what the attributes of the piece of jewelry bring you, so you connect with it and use it as an easy daily reminder. I call it Stylish Brain Food. It’s a simple way to place meditative attention on an area of your life that is neglected without spending a lot of time trying to give it attention. It’s a natural way to practice autosuggestion, a concept I think is best described by Napoleon Hill in his book Think & Grow Rich.

In this way, I bring an extra dose of meaning and purpose to your jewelry. You can have beautiful, amazing jewelry that is FUNctional and brings harmony into your life.

“My pieces created by you bring me compliments and joy. I proudly wear my favorite jewelry created by the Heart Department.  I love it and it inspires me every time I touch it, I feel as if each piece was meant for only me.” -Diane Hahner

I introduce you to The Heart Department.

I offer you simple lines in unique designs that will withstand the test of time with a studied blend of sophisticated sensuality and laid-back luxury.

“I am a huge fan of your jewelry and have been totally pining –seriously pining for your jewelry. I am so happy right now! I have already thanked Diane who gave me the gift, but I just wanted to thank you so much, you’re work is so inspiring and I will have one of those bracelets soon. You’re just amazing and I am so thankful you are making art.” –Dyana Valentine

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Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America – Carlsbad, California 1999

Gemstone Carving 1 Year Practical, Master Carver Hans Ulrich Pauly – Idar-Oberstein, Germany 2001

Associate of Arts (Fine Art, Art History & Accounting) University of West Florida – Pensacola, Florida 2004

Graduate Jeweler, Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts – San Francisco, California 2005

Certified Bench Jeweler Technician, Jewelers of America 2005

Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Belmont University – Nashville, Tennessee 2011

Stone Setting Comprehensive, New Approach School for Jewelers – Nashville, TN 2014

Rendering with Remy Rotenier, New Approach School for Jewelers  Nashville, TN 2015

The Heart Department
Mariel is the founder and director of Accounting For Jewelers, creator of the Online Accounting Made Easy Masterclass for Xero, and owner of BenchWorks inventory software.