Emotion from the Ocean Heart Stud Earrings
Emotion from the Ocean Heart Stud Earrings
Emotion from the Ocean Heart Stud Earrings
Emotion from the Ocean Heart Stud Earrings

Emotion from the Ocean Heart Stud Earrings

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Style: Stud Earring Posts with Friction Backs

Material: Solid 18 Karat Yellow Gold

Made to Order, Limited Edition

You may recognize this design as the logo of The Heart Department.

I call this design Emotion from the Ocean, where two waves come together to form a heart.

Simple. Elegant. You don't even know you're wearing them.

Let me tell you the story of its origin. As you may have noticed, The Heart Department focuses on fluid wave-style designs. This is partly due to growing up on beautiful Pensacola Beach, Florida, and the natural attraction we humans have towards the water. We are made up of more than 60% water, and our earth is more than 70% water, so it’s no wonder we connect to it. Water is a glorious metaphor for life: the cycles, the currents, not fighting an undertow and going with the flow.

The design is two waves coming together to form a heart. One is larger than the other, to symbolize that we can be bowled over by love: the love of a parent, or the love of someone that cares to show it. I originally designed it as an abstract mother and child embrace.

These waves are framed in a simple element of the Moorish Trellis and Quatrefoil pattern designs. It was originally an open and close parenthesis around the heart waves that evolved to this closed design in order to make it functional for jewelry use. I love the evolution it has taken since I first drew it in 2008.

These stud earrings are what you will find me wearing daily. They are substantial and solid, but lightweight and unnoticeable to the wearer; therefore, they are great for easy day-to-day wear. They are functional, no fuss, classic beauty with sentimental meaning.

Entering each day as you put these earrings on, you’ll think in a swift moment of the Emotion of the Ocean and what it means to you. You’ll step into Your Heart Department. It’s a great way to set the tone for the day.

Wash over others with your love and let the love of other’s wash over you.

The Heart Department “Emotion from the Ocean” Logo Stud Earrings